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Quantum Objects is a collection of unique NFTs traveling through the space-time continuum. Quantum Flowers is the first mini-verse object with 4,759 flowers waiting to be sent to our present.

We are in the pre-launch period, Quantum Flowers will be minted on Kalamint and Rarible, Tezos. Stay in touch as we expand!


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∞ Quantum ∞ Flowers ∞

In a botched attempt to terraform the planet, the overabundance of plastic has mutated the environment. Grass has mutated into razor-sharp spikes, pollen has made the air toxic, once silky flowers have hardened neon shells, and trees shedding their leaves have become like a hail storm. 

One scientist uncovers small wormholes and begins sending objects to the past with no control over where or when the object will emerge. Or who will find them…

∞ QO ∞

In the QO Universe, we collect objects traveling through the space-time continuum. Each object belongs to a particular mini-verse with its own narrative and every object has a unique glitch(es) that represents its journey. The first mini-verse object to be released is Quantum Flowers with 4759 NFTS.


Quantum Flowers will travel on the Tezos (XTZ) blockchain because we must be conscious of the impact on the planet. Temple & Kukai are the main wallets used with Tezos.

Each NFT is a uniquely created, non-generative 1/1 unlockable piece of art created by Dr. Mollie Serena. 79 XTZ

Our universe celebrates thoughts, ideas, movements, and unique experiences that represent the Zeitgeists of the past in our present. We are building a community filled with intimate events, talks, and immersive art experiences virtual and in-person. 

*A selection of Quantum Flowers is now available on Kalamint, just in time for Valentine's Day! 


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    QO Mini verse

    QO mini verse holders access immersive pop-up exhibitions, events, voting rights for charities, and the option to join the multiverse. The first mini-verse object to be released is Quantum Flowers. 

    Exclusive Quantum Objects merch is coming soon!

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    Pop Up Galleries

    Serena's art practice has always incorporated an element of championing other artists. We have a growing roster of artists, philosophers, scientists, and musicians who will be a part of future pop-up hybrid salons in NYC and Miami to start. 

    An open call for art and papers will be announced in the near future. 

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    QO Multiverse

    Only Quantum Object mini-verse holders can opt into the multiverse experiences. We have built partnerships to bring unique and intimate experiences to our community. 

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    We have extensive plans for the future of Quantum Objects, but as my brother says, "under promise and over deliver." We will announce future plans on social media as we travel through space and time together! 

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    QO Philanthropy

    Let's not let history remain in an infinite loop! Unique philanthropic NFTs will be released that address the most pressing issues of our times. We will work as a community to build a better future.

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    Dr. Mollie Serena
    Quantum Founder
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    Quantum Operator
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    Rebecca Pristoop
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    Destiny Mata


In the Quantum Universe, anything and everything is possible. We have been expanding our creative minds to push the boundaries of web 3 for our supporters. We are sorting out the details with our future partners but we would like to give you a small taste of what our future holds! 

Get the latest updates about our universe! Learn when new additions and partnerships are added, open calls for exhibitions, events, and more! We don't e-mail often, but when we do....

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